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The Forgotten Giants West of Copenhagen

You have probably heard about them, the huge sculptures of recycled wood built by the Danish artist Thomas Dambo. On this private guided tour you will meet 2 of the Forgotten Giants – and experience a different part of the Copenhagen area than just the city center.

Puerto Rico, USA, South Korea. These are just some of the countries where the Danish recycle artist Thomas Dambo over the years has built huge sculptures of recycled wood and other sustainable materials. The sculptures have become Dambo’s signature, and there are several sculptures in Denmark too.

Experience Thomas on the Mountain and Little Tilde

This guided tour takes you to the municipality Albertslund west of Copenhagen to experience two huge wooden sculptures, Thomas on the Mountain and Little Tilde. The sculptures are part of the art project The Six Forgotten Giants, made in 2016 by Dambo and local volunteers. The two giants hide in a remote natural area by a stream and are “art far from a museum”. That’s exactly how Dambo likes visitors to experience his art.

Photos from the tour – click at the photos to view a bigger version

Walk’n’talk through local neighborhood and nature

Thomas on the Mountain is situated on a man-made hill, Little Tilde hides among the trees on the shore of a small lake. To get to the nature area with The Forgotten Giants we will walk through Albertslund Syd, the southern part of the municipality.

Your guide will tell you about Albertslund Syd which is known as a planned town from the 1960s with an innovative urban planning. In Albertslund Syd the high-rise blocks that characterize other suburbs west of Copenhagen have been ‘laid down’, creating a more open neighborhood with terraced houses and atrium houses. It is also an area with lots of green spaces and forest, 60 % of the municipality of Albertslund’s area is nature.

As we walk through this modern and planned district – a very local neighborhood, this is where the Danes live – you will also experience canals and a well-developed path system where cyclists and pedestrians can move without getting into contact with cars. We will use the path system throughout the tour so our walk to The Forgotten Giants west of Copenhagen will be peaceful and with good opportunities to chat. A real walk’n’talk.

Important to know

Do you want to experience the guided tour The Forgotten Giants West of Copenhagen? Book your private tour here

NOTE: The itinerary of this private guided tour can be changed due to your wishes. Please contact Slow Tours Copenhagen and together we will make the itinerary that suits your group.

What’s included

  • Guiding and planning
  • My services as your personal certified tourist guide
  • Recommendations for more experiences.

Please notice

  • You will walk a lot so sturdy shoes are recommended
  • The guided tour is not suitable for walking-impaired persons
  • The tour will run no matter how the weather is so dress for the weather.

Do you want to experience the guided tour The Forgotten Giants West of Copenhagen? Book your private tour here


  • The itinerary of this guided tour can be changed due to your wishes.
  • You can be picked up in Copenhagen (at your hotel or a train station) and we can take the S-train together to Albertslund.
  • If you want to visit more than two of the The Six Forgotten Giants you will need a bicycle or vehicle. The distance from the first giant to the last one is 30 km/19 miles.

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